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Descubre la magia de la Vela y disfruta conociendo nuestra maravillosa costa.

  • Academia Navegavela
  • Academia Navegavela


Get with us your nautical titles.

Escuela náutica

Theorical and practical courses.

Navegavela is a nautical school dedicated to the impartation of theoretical and practical courses for the different degrees nautical sports as well as boat rentals and other leisure activities nautical.

Approved centers

Centers have been approved by the Basque government and the general direction of the merchant marine in irun and san sebastian and pamplona.

Practices nautical titles are performed aboard our sailboat approved in Hondarribia.


PER on board

Temporarily available courses offering per on board where you can study the course material and also browse to understand and to become familiar with all Terms and navigation techniques necessary to acquire the title. These courses are held in groups of students for a week sailing aboard our ships.

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